Safety Enhancement for Indoor Glass Panels


Ordinary window glass is the weakest point of attack from storm damage, accidents, burglars and vandals. Glass treated with window film can protect from this kind of attack and also prevent serious injury from the broken glass.

To determine the correct type of security or safety film suitable to mitigate your expected threat level, kindly refer to the following chart:

LEVEL 1 Light/Glare Control, Heat and Energy Cost, Harmful UV Rays, Cold Weather
LEVEL 2 Privacy
LEVEL 3 Vandalism, Grafitti, Rocks from Lawnmovers Small Projectiles, Safety Glazing
LEVEL 4 Storms, Hail, Flying Wind Debris, Hurricanes
LEVEL 5 Burglar and Human Intrusion Control
LEVEL 6 Bomb and Blast Mitigation


Sleep Isn’t The Only Thing You Won’t Lose Windows and glass doors are the most vulnerable parts of your home or place of business. They are easy points of entry for burglars, vandals and smash and grab thieves.

Alarms and security systems are helpful but do not provide foolproof protection from experienced or determined intruders. Once insider your home, office or retail establishment, intruders will quickly take what they choose and flee often before authorities can respond.

With Cool N Lite® SecureGard™ on duty, intruders cannot readily penetrate the glass, even by striking it with a heaving implement like a bat or crowbar. Usually they become discouraged and quickly depart for some easier target. Your windows and glass doors become invisible barricades, keeping criminals outside and you, your family and your property safely protected inside.

When used in conjunction with modern electronic alarm systems, Cool N Lite® SecureGard™ increases the level of security even more. These security grade films are tough and resist puncturing and tearing unlike regular polyester safety and Hurricane/Security Laminations.

Where to apply SecureGardTM?

  • Exterior Windows
  • Doors with Glass Lites
  • Glass Display Cases
  • Glass Countertops

Who uses SecureGardTM?

  • Building Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Jewelry Store Owners
  • Pawn Shop Owners
  • Camera & Electronics Store Owners
  • Schools Homeowners with Valuables


Engineered with powerful adhesives, Cool N Lite® SecureGardTM window films keeps the glass pieces together and securely attached to the film.

The films has been tested to meet the rigorous standards established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the American National Standards Institute and numerous other impact, windstorm and bomb blast mitigation test standards.

SecureGardTM is available in clear, full body dyed non-reflective and metallized reflective constructions and in a wide variety of gauges. All Security Film is made from heavy gauge Polyester and Mylar.

No safety film is ‘bullet proof’ or can eliminate glass breakage; however, SecureGardTM increase glass resiliency and by holding broken glass in place, greatly reduces the hazards of fragmented glass and the cleanup task that follows.