1.  How long does it take to tint my vehicle?
The amount of time varies depending on your type of vehicle. A complete car can take 2 to  4 hours. If existing film has to be removed, that can add anywhere from 1 hr to ½ a day.

2.  Can Window film reduce glare?
Yes. It reduces the amount of light allowed through the film and allowing you to see better and not stress your eyes.


3. Do I need to wait to roll down my windows?
We recommend that you leave your vehicle windows rolled up for at least 72 hours after films has been installed. This allow the film to cure and adhere to the glass before the windows are moved.


4. How do I clean my windows?
Never use any abrasive chemicals or alcohol to clean. Any window cleaner (without ammonia) or clean water and soft cloth will do the job.
5. Will the window film change the color of the glass?
All Cool N Lite films are neutral in color. It will not change the color of the glass. Just the shade depending on the level of tint you have chosen.

6. Will removing the film from Rear Windscreen affect my rear defogger lines?
There is a possibility during the removal of your old film from rear windscreen, it might affect defogger lines.

7. Do I have to go to your location to have my vehicle tinted?
Yes. All Cool N Lite outlets are enclosed in a air-conditioned, clean and dust-free environment. This way when we install window films, it will deliver the perfect finish you desire.

8. Is the window films installed on the inside or outside of the windows?
All Window Films are installed on the inside of the glass. This allows for maximum durability.
9. Will Cool N Lite solar film turn purple or fade?
Cool N Lite uses only the highest quality PET, adhesive and the latest Sputtering technology manufactured in USA.  All Cool N Lite films will not turn purple or fade.

10. How durable is Cool N Lite solar films?
Our high performance solar film is extremely durable. It has a hard, durable scratch-resistant coating designed to withstand everyday wear. All our films comes with 7 Years Manufacturer Warranty.

11. Does Cool N Lite solar films make the glass safer?
Definitely.  Cool N Lite Solar Films are designed to add break strength to glass and hold broken glass together to prevent dangerous shards of glass from becoming airborne or exposed.