1.  Are there films which will not change the appearance of my windows?

Yes there are films which is neutral without compromising the façade.

2.  I am looking for a privacy film where even at night time with the lights on my neighbours cannot look in but I can look out.

Currently there is no solar control film which is able to provide such functions unless special privacy glass is constructed. Under normal circumstances, the film will be able to provide privacy function in the day time where the external environment is brighter. The reverse effect will occur when the interior environment is brighter than external.

3. Will I still be able to look out of the window after I have installed glare control films.

Yes , you will still be able to look out of the window after installation even with very tinted films.

4. Is it true that only dark films can reject heat.

No, there are heat-reflecting films which can still maintain very high clarity.​​
5. There are cheaper priced films in the market with the same performance, why should I choose your product?

We might be slightly pricier compared to the majority of other brands but our value lies in the quality of our product. Our base material consist of the one most expensive metals in the world like Titanium, Gold etc to achieve the highest performance in terms of heat reflection.

Our films are tested independently by internationally renowned testing laboratories for their performance and most importantly, we can do a side by side comparison of competitor film to illustrate the physical difference between films which will justify our price difference.

6. What is the warranty period and what does it cover?

Our warranty is 7 years for fixed glass and 3 years for casement windows. Our warranty cover film defects such as peeling, delamination, bubbling etc. It also cover installation defects such as poor workmanship and finishing.

7. How do I maintain the window films?

Maintenance is very simple. All you need is soft soap and water and wipe off the surface. It is not advisable to use ammonia-based cleaning solutions as it will affect the integrity of the film and its adhesive.
8. How durable is the film? How long can it last? Will performance deteriorate over time?

Our film is protected by a layer of scratch resistant hard-coat which will enhance the durability of the product.With proper care and maintenance the film can last well beyond its warranty period (generally more than 10 years).

Accelerated weathering test in the lab concluded that our film that is consistently exposed to the equivalent of more than 10 years of sunlight detected no more than 5% in performance degradation.

9. How long does it take to install a residential unit (non-landed)?

Generally for a 3 bedroom condominium unit (inclusive of living room) it will take no longer than half a day to complete the installation.