Cool N Lite Premier series offers optimum privacy with minimal heat transmission into your environment. The films are capable of rejection up to 90% of glare and are constructed of precious metals that are able to reject up to a staggering 72% of Total Solar Energy.

This series is highly favoured by landed home owners as the amount of visible light during the day is acceptable due to extensive use of modern large glass panels. This range is also popular among industrial and commercial users due to their competitive pricing and unparalleled heat rejection performance.   


Premier series are specially designed to meet the demands of modern home or building owners who desire a high tech solar film that could efficiently reflect a high amount of heat while retaining maximum light transmission into their premises. This series also provide greater clarity for stunning exterior view both day and night. This series is also choice among architects, art galleries, store front glass and eco-friendly buildings.

The metallisation of these films with the use of ground breaking Sputtering process, uses a combination of exotic metals such as copper, chromium and other alloys to achieve its superior heat rejection properties. The use of these metals will also ensure that the film exhibits sleek colour tones that will enhance your home.
The Premier series film is a non-reflective select of films that offers optimal balance of light and heat rejection for both homes and offices. These series is able to reduce excessive glare while allowing sufficient transmission of natural lighting into the premises without the support of artificial lighting.

The films are neutral in colour, thus making them a natural complement to most interior and exterior colour schemes.