Exciting Opportunities for Retrofitting of Window Films for Heat Management and Security on Glass surfaces in Cars and Buildings in selected territories. 

The global window films market size was valued at USD 7.93 billion in 2015. The market is expected to witness considerable growth owing to increasing demand from end-use industries including automotive, construction, and marine. Surging use of window films in green buildings and net zero energy buildings is anticipated to drive its consumption in the construction sector.

Cool N Lite's business is in the distribution and installation of high performance window films under the Cool N Lite brand in the automotive and building films industry.  Cool N Lite is well known for our impeccable customer service, high performance products, amazing after sales service. 

Our products also come highly recognised and applied by premium automotive marques.  The brand has enjoyed over 15 years of success serving over thousands of customers, consumers, industry and government.

We are looking for a team or person who could see the potential and exploit the industry's demand for high performance films and heat managment products.  We would also encourage the team to discover new techniques and ways to enhance customer satisfaction, driving customer loyalty and long term revenues.

We would love our partners to possess amazing abilities to build bond, inspire teams and has the motivation to succeed! A working knowledge of sales, marketing and management experience would be preferred; Rest assured, our team will provide all the tools necessary and equip you to succeed. 


  1. On-going Support
    On-going Support
    Our business development leaders will be in touch you with constantly to ensure you are always up to date with the latest technology, products and techniques needed to remain a brand leader in your territory
  2. Sales Training
    Sales Training
    Full sales and marketing training will be provided to help your sales team excel in their customer service & product knowledge. Manuals and mentoring will be provided.
  3. Installation
    It take years of training to perfect the art of professional installation. Our skilled trainers will guide and facilitate the training of essential techniques, tools and tips to deliver that perfect fine finish that customers all love.
  4. Fit Out
    Fit Out
    Our development team will help design your in-store layout. We would plan up to the very detail, to ensure that your setup will always look consistently good with any other outlets in the world.


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