Cool N Lite all new Premier series solar film offers optimum protection featuring both excellent UV rejection coupled with an extremely high level of solar energy rejection.

The Premier series are designed for drivers and car lovers who desire maximum driving comfort and added protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These range of solar films are manufactured with the industry’s latest technologies, using only the finest materials to guarantee a long lasting performance for your investment.


The film is layered in fine polyester material with extreme optical clarity laminated together with PET coating, ultraviolet inhibitors, protective scratch coating, and then bonded using quality UV inhibitive adhesives that developed to last through the lifetime of your application.

The metallisation of these films with the use of ground breaking Sputtering process, uses a combination of exotic metals such as copper, chromium and other alloys to achieve its superior heat rejection properties. The use of these metals will also ensure that the film exhibits sleek colour tones that will enhance any vehicle. The metallised colour is stable, the heat rejection performance is unbeatable and the product life of these films will last you as long as you own your car.