The Titan X series conveys class and elegance subtly. Titan X series high tech performance films heightens your driving experience. Be cocooned in your own private driving space blissfully unware of the humdrum reality outside.

Be spoilt by the excellent features of Titan X series such as excellent visibility, protection and privacy, bringing you to your next destination in full comfort and safety. Always drive in sleek, cool comfort with the ultimate thermal protection offered by the Titan X series solar film.   


Revolutionary technology and research bring about a remarkable 15 degrees of difference. Applying space-research nanotechnology to improve heat rejection at a dramatically molecular level, while being ultra-thin to spread down to every molecule evenly.

The Titan X series is constructed using state-of-the-art Titanium based compound, which produces a one-of-a-kind, highly durable film blend that is top of its class in the industry. The combination of gold, silver, and titanium allows it to reach heat and UV rejection levels at close to theoretical limits and at a higher level than any other solar film in the market.

The superior coverage features spectrally selective protection from both harmful UV rays and infrared rays to provide optimum clarity with fantastic glare and heat rejection - a first of its kind in the industry. 

Enjoy the view without the heat
Your experience has never been so comfortable